BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

          Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary

                                AB 1670  (Kuehl)

Hearing Date:8/30/99            Amended:8/26/99        
Consultant: Lisa Matocq         Policy Vote:Judic 5-2  


AB 1670 makes various changes to the Fair Employment and  
Housing Act (FEHA) and other statutes related to employment  
and housing discrimination.

                         Fiscal Impact (in thousands)
Major Provisions        1999-2000             2000-01               2001-02          

FEHA               Unknown increased costs, probably not        General
                   substantial, potentially offset by unknown
                   increased fine revenues
Courts                                 Unknown        General


This bill, among other things:

 increases from $50,000 to $150,000 the damages and  
  administrative fines that may be awarded by the Fair  
  Employment and Housing Commission in employment  
  discrimination cases (public agencies are not subject to  
  the penalty provisions),
 requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to  
  pregnant employees, as specified, 
 provides that the prohibition against discrimination by  
  agencies or entities receiving state funds is enforceable  
  through a civil action for equitable relief, as  
 specifies that genetic testing of employees is  
 extends the prohibition against discrimination based upon  
  mental disability to employers with  5  or more employees,  
  rather than 15 or more employees,
 extends harassment protections under FEHA to independent  
  contractors, as specified, and


 makes related changes. 

The Fair Employment and Housing Commission estimates  
negligible costs.  The Department of Fair Employment and  
Housing was unable to provide any information about the  
fiscal impact of this bill.  Therefore, there are unknown  
increased costs to the department, potentially offset by  
increased administrative fine revenues.