California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 1990

Introduced by Assembly Member Jones

February 16, 2016

An act to amend Section 13300.5 of the Government Code, relating to state government.


AB 1990, as introduced, Jones. The Financial Information System for California (FISCal).

The Financial Information System for California (FISCal) Act establishes the FISCal system, a single integrated financial management system for the state. The act establishes the FISCal Service Center and the FISCal Project Office to exist concurrently during the phased implementation of the FISCal system and requires the FISCal Service Center, upon full implementation and final acceptance of the FISCal system, to perform all maintenance and operation of the FISCal system. Existing law requires the FISCal Project Office to annually report, until a specified act is completed, an update on the FISCal project to the Legislature and makes findings and declarations in this regard.

This will would expand the annual reporting requirements to include, among other additional information, a discussion of any changes in total projected quantitative benefits.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P2    1


Section 13300.5 of the Government Code is
2amended to read:



(a) The Legislature finds and declares that the project
4of the FISCal Project to modernize the state’s internal financial
5systems is a critical project that must be subject to the highest level
6of oversight. According to the Department of Technology, the size
7and scope of this modernization and automation effort make this
8project one of the highest risk projects undertaken by the state.
9Therefore, the Legislature must take steps to ensure it is fully
10informed as the project is implemented. It is the intent of the
11Legislature to adopt additional reporting requirements for the
12FISCal Project Office to adequately manage the project’s risk and
13to ensure the successful implementation of this effort.

14(b) The FISCal Project Office shall report to the Legislature,
15by February 15 of each year, an update on the project. The report
16shall include all of the following:

17(1) An executive summary and overview of the project’s status.

18(2) An overview of the project’s history.

19(3) Significant events of the project within the current reporting
20period and a projection of events during the next reporting period.

21(4) A discussion of mitigation actions being taken by the project
22for any missed major milestones.

23(5) A comparison of actual to budgeted expenditures, and an
24explanation of variances and any planned corrective actions,
25including a summary of FISCal project and staffing levels and an
26estimate of staff participation from partner agencies.

27(6) An articulation of expected functionality and qualitative
28benefits from the project that were achieved during the reporting
29period and that are expected to be achieved in the subsequent year.

begin insert

30(7) A comparison of actual and projected quantitative benefits
31along with actual and projected costs, a discussion of any changes
32in total projected quantitative benefits, and total quantitative
33benefits achieved.

end insert
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end delete

35begin insert(8)end insert An overview of change management activities and
36stakeholder engagement in the project, including a summary of
37departmental participation in the FISCalbegin delete project.end deletebegin insert project and the
38associated cost of department subject matter expert staff.end insert

begin delete

P3    1(8)

end delete

2begin insert(9)end insert A discussion of lessons learned and best practices that will
3be incorporated into future changes in management activities.

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end delete

5begin insert(10)end insert A description of any significant softwarebegin delete customization,end delete
6begin insert customization and associated costs,end insert including a justification for
7why, if any, customization was granted.

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end delete

9begin insert(11)end insert Updates on the progress of meeting the project objectives.

10(c) The initial report, due February 15, 2013, shall provide a
11description of the approved project scope. Later reports shall
12describe any later deviations to the project scope, cost, or schedule.

13(d) The initial report shall also provide a summary of the project
14history from Special Project Report 1 to Special Project Report 4,

16(e) This section shall remain in effect until a postimplementation
17evaluation report has been approved by the Department of
18Technology. The Department of Technology shall post a notice
19on its Internet Web site when the report is approved.