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                                   THIRD READING 

          Bill No:  AB 1653
          Author:   Weber (D) 
          Amended:  8/15/16 in Senate
          Vote:     21 

           SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  9-0, 6/22/16
           AYES:  Liu, Block, Hancock, Huff, Leyva, Mendoza, Monning, Pan,  

           AYES:  Lara, Beall, Hill, McGuire, Mendoza
           NOES:  Bates, Nielsen

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR:  59-17, 6/2/16 - See last page for vote

           SUBJECT:   Postsecondary education:  campus climate

          SOURCE:    Author

          DIGEST:  This bill requires the California Community Colleges  
          (CCC) Board of Governors (BOG), the California State University  
          (CSU) Trustees, the governing body of each independent  
          institution of higher education in the state and encourages each  
          University of California (UC) campus, to generate a report every  
          two years, as specified, pertaining to campus climate.  


          Existing law:


                                                                    AB 1653  
                                                                    Page  2

          1)Declares it a shared goal of public education and independent  
            institutions of higher education to achieve educational equity  
            not only through a diverse and representative student body and  
            faculty, but also through educational environments in which  
            each person, regardless of race, gender, gender identity,  
            gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability or  
            economic circumstances has a reasonable change to fully  
            develop his or her potential.  (Education Code § 66010.2)

          2)Provides that it is the policy of the State of California to  
            afford all persons, regardless of disability, gender, gender  
            identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity,  
            religion, sexual orientation, or any other basis that is  
            contained in the prohibition of hate crimes, as specified,  
            equal rights and opportunities in the postsecondary  
            institutions of the state.  (EC § 66251)

          3)Declares that, consistent with specified federal law  
            provisions, all students have the right to participate fully  
            in the educational process, free from discrimination and  
            harassment and that California's postsecondary educational  
            institutions have an affirmative obligation to combat racism,  
            sexism, and other forms of bias, and a responsibility to  
            provide equal educational opportunity.  It also declares the  
            Legislature's intent that each postsecondary educational  
            institution undertake educational activities to counter  
            discriminatory incidents on school grounds and, within  
            constitutional bounds, to minimize and eliminate a hostile  
            environment on school grounds that impair the access of  
            students to equal educational opportunities.  (EC § 66252)

          4)Requests the UC Regents, CSU Trustees, and the governing board  
            of each community college district to adopt and publish  
            policies on harassment, intimidation, and bullying to be  
            included within the rules and regulations governing student  
            behavior within their respective segments of public  
            postsecondary education. (EC § 66302)

          5)Requires, through the federal law, colleges and universities,  
            as a condition of federal student aid program participation,  
            to publish annual campus security reports, maintain crime  
            logs, provide timely warnings of crimes that present a public  
            safety risk, and maintain ongoing crime statistics.  (20  
            United States Code § 1092(f))


                                                                    AB 1653  
                                                                    Page  3

          6)Requires, beginning no later than January 1, 2004, the State  
            Auditor to audit at least six colleges every three years to  
            evaluate the accuracy of their statistics and procedures for  
            complying with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus  
            Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act's (Clery)  
            crime statistics reporting requirements. The State Auditor is  
            required to report the audit results to the respective Chairs  
            of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education and the Senate  
            Committee on Education.  (EC § 67382)

          This bill:

          1)Requires the CCC BOG and the CSU Trustees, the governing body  
            of each independent institution of higher education in the  
            state and encourages each UC campus, to generate a report once  
            every biennium of the legislative session, beginning with the  
            2017-2018 Regular Session that include, but is not limited to,  
            the following elements:

             a)   New and recent administrative efforts intended to affect  
               campus climate, reduce food insecurity and student  

             b)   Recent campus program developments related to gender,  
               race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual  
               orientation, disability, and gender identity that impact  
               campus climate.

          2)Requires the CCC BOG and the CSU Trustees, the governing body  
            of each Independent institution of higher education in the  
            state and encourages UC campuses, to:

             a)   Each post the report on their respective Internet Web  

             b)   Send the report to the Governor, the Attorney General,  
               and the appropriate policy committees of the Legislature.

             c)   Create, review every two years thereafter, and, as  
               necessary, update protocols, policies, and procedures  
               regarding compliance with Clery and the federal Violence  
               Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.


                                                                    AB 1653  
                                                                    Page  4

          3)Requires CCC BOG to request, but not require, specified campus  
            climate information from community college districts and base  
            its report on data available from participating community  
            college districts. 

          4)Defines "campus climate" to mean a measure of an individual's  
            experience within a learning environment, specifically on the  
            current attitudes, practices, policies, and behaviors of  
            campus life that impact the success and retention of all  
            members of a campus community. 

          FISCAL EFFECT:   Appropriation:    No          Fiscal  
          Com.:YesLocal:   No

          According to the Senate Appropriations Committee: 

           Likely minor costs to the CCC and the CSU to implement this  

           One-time cost pressure to UC of up to $100,000 update the  
            campus climate reporting portal to collect data and allow for  
            data analysis to the extent it chooses to comply with the  
            requirements of the bill.  In addition, the UC indicates that  
            every two years it would incur costs of $420,000 system wide  
            related to collecting and analyzing data to generate a campus  
            climate report.  (General Fund)

          SUPPORT:   (Verified8/15/16)

          Arc and United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration
          California State Conference of the National Association for the  
            Advancement of Colored People

          OPPOSITION:   (Verified8/12/16)

          None received


                                                                    AB 1653  
                                                                    Page  5

          ASSEMBLY FLOOR:  59-17, 6/2/16
          AYES:  Achadjian, Alejo, Arambula, Atkins, Baker, Bloom,  
            Bonilla, Bonta, Brown, Burke, Calderon, Campos, Chau, Chiu,  
            Chu, Cooley, Cooper, Dababneh, Daly, Dodd, Eggman, Cristina  
            Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Gatto, Gipson, Gomez, Gonzalez,  
            Gordon, Gray, Hadley, Roger Hernández, Holden, Irwin,  
            Jones-Sawyer, Lackey, Levine, Linder, Lopez, Low, Maienschein,  
            Mayes, McCarty, Medina, Mullin, Nazarian, O'Donnell, Quirk,  
            Ridley-Thomas, Rodriguez, Salas, Santiago, Mark Stone,  
            Thurmond, Ting, Weber, Wilk, Williams, Wood, Rendon
          NOES:  Travis Allen, Brough, Chang, Chávez, Dahle, Beth Gaines,  
            Gallagher, Grove, Harper, Jones, Mathis, Melendez, Obernolte,  
            Patterson, Steinorth, Wagner, Waldron
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Bigelow, Frazier, Kim, Olsen

          Prepared by:Olgalilia Ramirez / ED. / (916) 651-4105
          8/15/16 20:33:19

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