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                                                                     AB 606

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          Date of Hearing:  April 29, 2015


                                  Rudy Salas, Chair

          AB 606  
          (Levine) - As Amended April 13, 2015

          SUBJECT:  Water conservation

          SUMMARY:  Requires the Department of General Services (DGS) to  
          reduce water consumption and increase water efficiencies when  
          repairing, replacing or installing landscaping or irrigation on  
          state properties.  Specifically, this bill requires DGS, when  
          feasible, to:

          1)Replace landscaping with drought-tolerant plants.

          2)Replace irrigation timers to permit efficient watering  

          3)Replace spray sprinkler heads with bubblers, drip irrigation,  
            and soaker hoses.

          4)Implement the use of recycled water irrigation.

          EXISTING LAW establishes the Water Conservation in Landscaping  
          Act which provides, but is not limited to, guidance for local  


                                                                     AB 606

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          entities to adopt water model plans to achieve water  
          conservation goals.

          FISCAL EFFECT:  Unknown

          COMMENTS:  According to the author's office, this bill seeks to  
          direct the state in a proactive manner to conserve water on  
          state-owned lands through drought-tolerant landscaping and  
          replacement of irrigation timers, spray sprinkler heads and the  
          use of recycled water.  This bill seeks to reduce water  
          consumption by requiring state properties to implement  
          drought-tolerant landscaping, with an emphasis on native plant  
          species, and to apply the use of recycled water irrigation  
          wherever feasible.

          Recent amendments add "implementation of recycled water  
          irrigation" to the list of project types that DGS should  
          consider.  Supporters note that adding recycled water is "a cost  
          effective, sustainable and drought-proof source of water and,  
          whenever possible, the state should encourage the use of  
          recycled water in place of potable water."

          This bill was brought to the author's office by Ms. Honda's  
          fourth grade class at Manor Elementary in Fairfax, California.   
          These students are pursuing legislative action in order to do  
          their part in addressing our state's very serious drought  
          through water conservation.  Ms. Honda's fourth grade class  
          stands as the sponsor of the bill.

          Currently, DGS is employing all of the strategies listed in the  
          bill to achieve statewide water conservation goals.  However, no  
          specific statutory language mandates these specific strategies.   
          This bill will contribute to the larger statewide water  
          conservation efforts currently underway.


                                                                     AB 606

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          Ms. Honda's fourth grade class, Manor Elementary, Fairfax, CA   

          Association of California Water Agencies

          California Municipal Utilities Association

          California Native Plant Society

          Irvine Ranch Water District

          San Diego County Water Authority

          Sonoma County Water Agency

          WateReuse California


                                                                     AB 606

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