California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly Concurrent ResolutionNo. 159

Introduced by Assembly Member Salas

March 29, 2016

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 159—Relative to the CHP Officer Keith M. Giles Memorial Interchange.


ACR 159, as introduced, Salas. CHP Officer Keith M. Giles Memorial Interchange.

This measure would designate the interchange at State Routes 43 and 198 in the County of Kings as the CHP Officer Keith M. Giles Memorial Interchange. The measure would request the Department of Transportation to determine the cost for appropriate signs, including the star of the Department of the California Highway Patrol, showing this special designation and, upon receiving donations from nonstate sources covering that cost, to erect those signs.

Fiscal committee: yes.

P1    1WHEREAS, Keith Melvin Giles was born on July 21, 1940, to
2Melvin and Thelma Giles, in Tulare, California; and

3WHEREAS, Keith Giles had three siblings: Gary, who was
4Keith’s twin brother, Linda, and Greg; and

5WHEREAS, Keith Giles graduated from Corcoran High School
6in 1957, graduated from the College of the Sequoias shortly
7thereafter, and also attended Fresno State College; and

8WHEREAS, Keith Giles proudly served in the United States
9Army from 1963 to 1965 and achieved the rank of corporal; and

P2    1WHEREAS, Keith Giles married his best friend, Wilma, on
2March 7, 1964, and had three wonderful children: Karen, born
3March 5, 1967, Kelly, born October 20, 1969, and Darren, born
4November 5, 1973; and

5WHEREAS, Prior to becoming a California Highway Patrol
6officer, Keith Giles worked as a farmer and was actively involved
7in the community; and

8WHEREAS, Officer Giles graduated from the California
9Highway Patrol Academy on May 28, 1970, with CTC I-70 and,
10upon graduation, he was assigned to the Santa Fe Springs Area
11where he proudly served for approximately four years; and

12WHEREAS, Officer Giles, badge number 7403, was killed in
13the line of duty on August 25, 1974, while making a traffic stop
14shortly after 2:00 a.m. He was standing on the left side of the
15stopped vehicle when a passing car drifted over the edge of the
16roadway and struck him, killing him almost instantly. The errant
17driver apparently dozed off and may have been under the influence
18of alcohol; and

19WHEREAS, Officer Giles was a hardworking, dedicated officer
20who loved his job and enjoyed the people he worked with. He was
21known for his devotion to his family and his love of law
22enforcement; and

23WHEREAS, Officer Giles was admired for his hard work in the
24Corcoran farming community; and

25WHEREAS, In recognition of Officer Giles’ great contributions
26and sacrifice in serving the California Highway Patrol and the
27citizens of California, it would be fitting to designate the
28interchange at State Routes 43 and 198 in the County of Kings in
29his honor; now, therefore, be it

30Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
31thereof concurring,
That the Legislature hereby designate the
32interchange at State Routes 43 and 198 in the County of Kings as
33the CHP Officer Keith M. Giles Memorial Interchange; and be it

35Resolved, That the Department of Transportation is requested
36to determine the costs of erecting the appropriate signs, including
37the star of the Department of the California Highway Patrol,
38consistent with the signing requirements for the state highway
39system, showing these special designations, and upon receiving
P3    1donations from nonstate sources covering the cost, to erect those
2signs; and be it further

3Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies
4of this resolution to the Director of Transportation and to the author
5for appropriate distribution.