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                             Senator Jim Nielsen, Chair
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:             AJR 20         Hearing Date:    6/14/16
          |Author:    |Kim                                                  |
          |Version:   |4/11/16                                              |
          |Urgency:   |                       |Fiscal:    |No               |
          |Consultant:|Wade Teasdale                                        |
          |           |                                                     |
                        Subject:  Veterans Affairs hospitals

          This resolution urges the Congress of the United States to  
          support and build a central federal veterans hospital in Orange  
          County to meet the mental health care needs of area veterans.

          The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA)  
          provides physical and mental health care for veterans who meet  
          requisite eligibility criteria. Through its subordinate Veterans  
          Health Administration (VHA), USDVA manages the nation's largest  
          integrated health care system. VHA operates more than 1,700  
          sites of care and serves approximately 8.76 million veterans  
          each year.

          Currently, USDVA has major hospitals/medical centers in the  
          following California locations:

          Southern California

                 Long Beach
                 Los Angeles
                 Loma Linda
                 San Diego


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          Northern California

                 San Francisco 
                 Menlo Park
                 Palo Alto


           Legislative Findings  :

          Many service members returning home to Orange County face  
          significant barriers to a successful transition back to civilian  

          Sixty-one percent of post-9/11 Orange County veterans reported  
          difficulties adjusting to civilian life and needing time to  
          figure out what to do after service in the military.

          About one in five post-9/11 veterans in Orange County have  
          considered suicide, and one in six developed a suicide plan.  
          Among those Orange County veterans who considered or made a plan  
          to commit suicide, about one-half did not seek help.

          Orange County veterans have reported barriers, including not  
          knowing where to access services, difficulty scheduling  
          appointments, and concerns about confidentiality and treatment.

          Twenty-five percent of post-9/11 veterans and 9 percent of  
          pre-9/11 veterans indicated severe physical health symptoms. In  
          addition, post-9/11 veterans were more likely to screen positive  
          for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression than pre-9/11  

          One-half of all Orange County post-9/11 veterans reported their  
          greatest needs as USDVA service assistance and health care  

          Only 24 percent of Orange County veterans reported that they  
          could handle the challenges on their own, and their needs are  
          not being met.

          A considerable number of Orange County veterans are not  
          receiving care for physical and psychological issues, and have a  
          high rate of mental health concerns.

          Sponsor:  Author.

          American Legion, District 29 Orange County
          American Legion Anaheim Post 72
          105 individuals


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          Oppose:   None on file.

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