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                                                                     ACR 20

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          Date of Hearing:  February 17, 2015

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                                    Gordon, Chair

                   20 (Mark Stone) - As Introduced  February 9, 2015

          SUBJECT:  California Court Reporting and Captioning Week.

          SUMMARY:  Proclaims the week of February 15, 2015, through  
          February 21, 2015, as California Court Reporting and Captioning  
          Week in California.  Specifically, this resolution:  makes the  
          following legislative findings: 

          1)Court reporters and captioners are responsible for keeping a  
            complete, accurate, secure, and unbiased record of courtroom  
            proceedings and other legal matters, including civil  

          2)Court reporters and captioners are responsible for the closed  
            captioning seen scrolling across television screens, at  
            sporting stadiums, and in other community and educational  
            settings, bringing information to millions of deaf and  
            hard-of-hearing Americans every day.

          3)There are approximately 8,500 Californians working as court  
            reports and captioners translating spoken word into text and  
            preserving our history.
          FISCAL EFFECT:  None


                                                                     ACR 20

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          California Court Reporters Association (CCRA)

          California Official Court Reporters Association (COCRA)

          Deposition Reporters Association of California, Inc. (DRA)


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