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                                                                  ACR 65
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          Date of Hearing:   August 12, 2013

                               Bonnie Lowenthal, Chair
                    ACR 65 (Hall) - As Introduced:  June 12, 2013
          SUBJECT  :  The Willie L. Brown, Jr. Bridge

           SUMMARY  :  Designates the western span of the San  
          Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge the "Willie L. Brown, Jr. Bridge."   
          Specifically,  this bill  :  

          1)Recounts the lifetime accomplishments of Willie L. Brown, Jr.  
            in California's public service.

          2)Designates the western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay  
            Bridge as the "Willie L. Brown, Jr. Bridge" to honor and  
            commemorate Mr. Brown's many contributions to California.  

          3)Requests that the California Department of Transportation  
            (Caltrans) determine the cost of the appropriate signs,  
            consistent with signing requirements for the state highway  
            system and, upon receiving donations from non-state sources  
            sufficient to cover the cost of the signs, to erect those  

           EXISTING LAW  :  Assigns Caltrans with responsibility to operate  
          and maintain state highways.  This includes the installation and  
          maintenance of highway signs.  

           FISCAL EFFECT  :  Costs to Caltrans to erect the signs are to be  
          covered by non-state donations.  

           COMMENTS  :  Born on March 20, 1934, to Willie Lewis Brown, Sr.  
          and Minnie Collins Boyd in Mineola, Texas, Mr. Brown received a  
          Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in  
          1955 and a Juris Doctor from the University of California,  
          Hasting College of Law in 1958.   Mr. Brown served in the  
          California Legislature as an Assembly Member for 30 years, from  
          1965 until 1995.  He was the longest serving Speaker of the  
          Assembly in California history, serving from 1980 until 1995.    
          Subsequent to that, he served for two terms as Mayor of the City  
          and County of San Francisco.  Mr. Brown is the father of four  


                                                                  ACR 65
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          Each legislative session produces a number of Senate and  
          Assembly resolutions proposing to name state highway segments or  
          structures in honor of some individual, group or historical  
          event.  Over the years, an informal policy developed relative to  
          the criteria for approval of such designations and memorials.   
          The lack of firm legislative guidelines often resulted in  
          inconsistency or controversy over a proposed designation.  In  
          response, the Committee adopted a resolution at the beginning of  
          this legislative session to provide guidelines for naming  
          highways and structures.  The resolution is intended to promote  
          fairness in determining whether a particular facility or segment  
          is to be specially designated.  Specific minimum criteria  
          identified in the Committee's resolution are:

          1)Any person being honored must have provided extraordinary  
            public service or some exemplary contribution to the public  
            good and have a connection to the community where the highway  
            is located;

          2)The author or a co-author of the resolution must represent the  
            district in which the facility is located and the resolution  
            must identify the specific highway segment or structure being  

          3)The proposed designation must reflect a community consensus;
          4)The proposed designation may not supersede an existing  
            designation unless the sponsor can document that a good faith  
            effort has uncovered no opposition to rescinding the prior  
            designation; and,

          5)When a resolution names a highway or structure in honor of an  
            individual, the designee must have been deceased, except in  
            the instance of elected officials, in which case they must be  
            out of office.  

          ACR 65 fails to meet two of the criteria adopted by the  
          Committee:  its author (or co-authors) does not represent the  
          district in which the bridge is located; and the proposed  
          designation arguably lacks community consensus, as demonstrated  
          via critical media editorials.  


                                                                  ACR 65
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          California State National Association for the Advancement of  
          Colored People (sponsor)
          Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
          California Black Media 
          California Legislative Black Caucus (including Assembly Members  
          Mitchell, Bradford, Weber, Jones-Sawyer, Hall, Holden, and Brown
          California State Conference of the National Association for the  
          Advancement of Colored People
          California Urban Partnership
          Cestra Butner, President, Oakland Board of Pilot Commissioners
          Compton Branch of the National Association for the Advancement  
          of Colored People
          Golden State Medical Association of California
          Green Technical Education and Employment
          Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
          Pasadena Branch of the National Association for the Advancement  
          of Colored People
          Ryan McCreary, President, Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi  
          Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
          San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce
          San Gabriel Valley Branch of the National Association for the  
          Advancement of Colored People
          San Mateo Branch of the National Association for the Advancement  
          of Colored People
          None on file
          Analysis Prepared by  :   Janet Dawson / TRANS. / (916) 319-2093