VETOED	DATE: 09/28/2012

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 1464 without my signature.

I applaud the author's continuing work to improve bicycle safety.
This bill requires motor vehicles to pass bicycles at a distance of
at least three feet and expressly permits the vehicle to cross a
double yellow line to do so.

Crossing a double yellow line is an inherently dangerous act that
increases the risk of head-on collisions.  When a collision occurs,
it will result in a lawsuit where the state is likely to be sued as a
"deep pocket." By making it legal to cross a double yellow line, the
bill weakens the state's defense to these lawsuits.

Caltrans proposed a solution to insulate the state from costly
lawsuits, while still providing the three-foot safety buffer for
bicyclists.  Unfortunately the author declined to amend the bill.

I encourage the sponsors to work with my administration to resolve
the liability problem.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.