INTRODUCED BY   Senator Corbett
    (   Principal coauthor:   Senator 
 La Malfa   ) 
    (  Coauthor:   Senator   Evans

                        FEBRUARY 16, 2012

   Relative to California Craft Brewery Month.


   SCR 66, as amended, Corbett. California Craft Brewery Month.
   This measure would proclaim the month of February 2012 as
California Craft Brewery Month.
   Fiscal committee: no.

   WHEREAS, California is the birthplace of the craft brewing
movement, when Fritz Maytag acquired the Anchor Brewing Company in
1965 and began brewing authentic  ,  handcrafted
beers; and
   WHEREAS, California is the home of the first microbrewery,
beginning with Jack McAuliffe who built a small brewery in Sonoma
from scratch, and began selling New Albion ales in 1977; and
   WHEREAS, The second largest craft brewer in the country, Sierra
Nevada Brewing Company, was founded in Chico, California, in 1979,
and spurred the craft brewery movement around the country; and
   WHEREAS, In 1977, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 3610
to amend the state's tied-house laws to remove the restriction on
on-premises sales of craft beer. Following this change in law,
California became home to three of the first five brewpubs in
America; and
   WHEREAS, The second brewpub in America was opened by the Mendocino
Brewery in Hopland, California; the third brewpub, opened in
September 1984, was Buffalo Bill's in Hayward, California; and the
fifth, opened by John Martin in March 1986, was Triple Rock Brewery
in Berkeley, California; and
   WHEREAS, The California craft brewery industry has an annual
impact of $500 million on the state's economy in direct wages and
benefits; and
   WHEREAS, The California craft brewery industry creates more than
17,000 jobs, which in turn creates billions of dollars in positive
economic impact; and
   WHEREAS, The California craft brewery industry creates more
revenue for the state and federal governments than many other
industries, generating more than $36 million in taxes in 2010; and
   WHEREAS, California now has more breweries than any other state in
the country, including over 280 small, independently owned craft
breweries; and
   WHEREAS, California is now known and recognized internationally
for the quality of its craft breweries. Year after year, Californian
breweries win more medals at the World Beer Cup, the largest
international beer competition in the world, and the Great American
Beer Festival, the largest beer competition in the United States,
than breweries found in other states; and
   WHEREAS, Brewery tourism is increasingly popular and contributes
to the economic impact of the state's tourism industry; and
   WHEREAS, The California craft brewery industry is a leader in the
stewardship of natural resources and the environment  ,
 and has made a major commitment to implement sustainable
practices that are environmentally sound, including some of the
largest solar arrays in the private sector, and the use of fuel cells
and other innovative conservation techniques and processes; and
   WHEREAS, Despite the challenges of intense global competition, the
state's craft brewery industry is strong and growing, and is a major
contributor to the economic vitality of California; now, therefore,
be it
   Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
thereof concurring, That the Legislature hereby proclaims the month
of February 2012 as California Craft Brewery Month; and be it further

   Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this
resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.