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Daily File is produced by the Assembly and Senate containing the Officers of the respective houses, the Order of Business, the tentative schedule for the entire legislative session, the bills that are scheduled to be heard on the floor and during committee hearings. There are also Daily File publications for Assembly and Senate Extraordinary Sessions.

Legislative Index and Table of Sections Affected, Prior Sessions are final editions of the Legislative Index and Table of Sections Affected from 1999-2000 to 2015-2016 Legislative Sessions.

Statutory Record provides an index of each section of the California Constitution, codes and uncodified laws affected by laws enacted by the Legislature or passed by the voters at election. The Statutory Record indicates the year and chapter or proposition number of the affecting measure and is cumulative for a 10-year period. It also includes superior numbers following the effect to show any special rule of operation or effectiveness. The Statutory Record is published in the Summary Digest by the Legislative Counsel.

Senate Daily Journal contains the proceedings of the Senate. These proceedings include: the title of each measure considered, vote results, messages from the Governor and Assembly, reports from Senate committees and other agencies as required by law, and the contents of petitions, memorials, or other papers presented to and authorized by the Senate.

Senate Daily Journal, Prior Sessions are final Senate Journal publications.

California's Legislature is an in-depth introduction to the legislative process and state government. This heavily illustrated book is an excellent resource for students, lobbyists, state employees, and the general public. Topics include state history, constitutional and election law, term limits, state emblems, legislative procedure, the executive and judicial branches, and a legislative glossary.

The book is published by the Office of the Assembly Chief Clerk, and provided to the public on behalf of the Members of the State Assembly. The book is available for $5.00 per copy or bulk rates are available. An order may be placed by contacting the Legislative Bill Room at (916) 445-2645. Also, orders may be placed via mail by printing the order form from your web browser found at the back of the book, or by clicking here.

Assembly Daily Journal is the official record of business that has been transacted in the Assembly on a daily basis. This publication shows all roll call votes, notes parliamentary motions, lists bill introductions, and records any other official actions taken by the Assembly.

Assembly Histories a publication that gives a comprehensive list of all actions taken on every bill. It is published in weekly volumes by each house.

2015-16 Legislative Handbook (publishing in progress) - The Legislative Handbook contains the California Constitution, Assembly and Senate Rules, and Joint Rules that the legislature has adopted for the 2015-16 Session. The Handbook also contains the committee memberships, biographical and contact information for each Senator and Assembly Member.

2016 California State Assembly Pamphlet - is a brief color pamphlet outlining the Assembly’s organizational structure. It includes a panoramic photo of the Assembly in session, listings of the house leadership and membership, and includes information on state emblems.

Agency Reports provides a list of reports by various state and local agencies that are required or requested to be submitted to the Legislature, the Governor or both.

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