For each bill, resolution, and constitutional amendment, there will be documents representing status, history, and the introduced version of the text. The byte size for each document is listed after the name.

If a measure is amended in either House, the text versions will be listed from the latest (most current) to the earliest (introduced) date. The bill text documents are available in ASCII text and in PDF formats.

On the official printed form of a bill the changes made to existing law or to the bill itself through the amendment process are shown in strike out for deleted text and underline for added text. When viewing the PDF form of the bill, the deleted and added text will be identical to the printed version with strike through and underline. When viewing the TEXT form of the bill, the deleted and added text is surrounded by specific symbols known as delimiters. These delimiters include:

In most cases there will also be committee and floor analyses from each House, as well as committee and floor votes from each House. If a measure is sent to the Governor and is vetoed, the Governor's veto message is also available.

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